The weather in beautiful BC has been absolutely delightful this past month. With consecutive days of glowing sun, it makes going to work difficult, haha. This is especially true for me since I work in an office with minimal natural daylight. Nonetheless, I have been spending my weekends outside, enjoying the local attractions my city has to offer and soaking up every bit of sun I can get.

Burnaby village museum in Deer Lake Park is full of heritage and replica historic buildings. It’s a very intriguing place to browse around as you can physically walk into these structures and see actual ancient artifacts from the past. Many of the buildings were actually in use in the 1920s. Along with the “vintage scent”, there are folks dressed in costumes at each building to answer any questions you may have.

How awesome is this record player, such a classic! Can’t say I’ve ever seen one in person until now.

To go with the historic theme, my outfit also comprises of a vintage piece. The pleated daisy skirt is an item I acquired from my mother’s closet. Daisies have always been a favourite, so this skirt was a must keep when my mom was recycling through her old clothes.

My grandfather has a typewriter similar to the one pictured above and he still uses it to write letters to me. I guess that saying of old stuff being made well still holds true, haha.

Now THIS was interesting, a 25 cent bill!? According to the staff member, a 25 cent bill markets for just over $500 CAD now.

And of course, ended the day right with a little sweets from this cute cafe inside the museum.

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