What better way to show your enthusiasm for spring than to wear the colours of it! Spring is full of pretty blooms, bright skies, and pastel shaded things. Today’s outfit features one of my favourite baby blue denim top. Super comfortable and such a sweet colour, it’s great paired with a simple black outfit or dressed up over a floral dress. I love the contrasting tones between the blue and black in this outfit. Definitely makes the blue pop!

Although sunny, it was a windy day so that called for a warm drink. I ordered a matcha milk tea from my favourite tea truck called Teapressu. They set up in various locations across Vancouver on the weekdays. I’d definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re in town. You can track their location through this website: here. I really enjoyed the first drink I tried from them: Jasmine Green Cino. Will be ordering that one again soon!

Living on the west coast, you know never to leave the house without a jacket. It’s so deceiving when you’re inside and see the sun! My house is full of large windows so the place gets quite warm when its sunny out. I’ve had many of those incidents where I walk outside, get taken by surprise with a cold chill, and turn right back around into the house. I most certainly did that today on my lunch break, haha. It looked gorgeous outside so I was going to eat at a local park. I felt the wind and didn’t even make it out the main doors of my office :p

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3 thoughts on “Baby Blue Denim and Leather”

  1. I LOVEEEEEE your chambray shirt!! I’ve loved them forever & feel like they’ll be a staple for a long time !

    I’m from LA, I feel you on the weather thing! I remember the days where it’d be freezzzzinggg in the morning & get SUPER hot in the afternoon. At least you’re wearing layers !!

    xx Nicole

  2. Your chambray shirt looks great with the monochrome black outfit! 🙂 I know what you mean about those days too! It’s autumn here so very cold in the mornings and the house take a while to warm up – I can sometimes be surprised by how warm it is when I step outside!

    Hope you are having a fantastic week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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