You know that feeling when you purchase a piece of clothing but can’t wear it until the right season for it comes around? Whether it’s not warm/cold enough, or there’s just too much rain/snow in the forecast. That’s what happened to me when I purchased this high waisted skirt. Super excited about finding this elegant skirt but at the same time, was super disappointed I couldn’t wear it right the way, haha.

I picked up this skirt at one of my favourite stores in West Vancouver. Oak and Fort recently opened in Park Royal and had several items on sale. It was around boxing day (or rather boxing week) when I was out browsing. I actually own a very similar skirt from Oak and Fort in lilac, but with a simpler cut.

Oak and Fort Skirt, Kate Spade (Cedar Street Maise), Naturalizer Pumps

The design of Oak and Fort skirts are very elegant and fitted. I think they’re a great polished look for the office. I believe their warehouse sale in Vancouver is coming up again in the summer. Definitely work checking out if you’re in town!

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3 thoughts on “Shades of Black and Grey”

    1. It’s a warehouse sale, so they’re there for 4 days. Last year it was sometime during August at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Thanks Jessica!! 🙂

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