Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadian neighbours in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan! It is a little confusing that we British Columbians had ours last Monday. Although, I have read online that there is a petition to change it so it aligns with everyone else in Canada. I guess it’s only logical that way eh?

The vibrant blue dress worn in this post is one of my recent finds from Winners. For those who don’t know, Winners is a large Canadian discounted department store similar to TJ Maxx/ Marshalls.

I was out doing some mother daughter bonding time at our local Winners. Funny fact, my mom always ends up finding the best hidden pieces when we’re out shopping. Not sure if it has to do with her being shorter than the average woman :p or if she’s just very skilled at sorting through racks and racks of garments. It’s almost guaranteed that she’ll find something for me every time! Anyways, she spotted this royal blue print dress and knew I’d like it. Darker blue/ navy shades have always been my go to. I think these shades look great in contrast with my lighter skin tone. This dress is very casual and perfect for the office.

One thing about this dress that I really appreciate is the fact that it has a lining. This prevents the chance of it being static. I do own several other dresses that are guaranteed to stick to me each time I wear them and it’s such a pain! I have discovered a solution to deal with static pieces though. Take a spray bottle, fill it with cold water, and spray it along the inside of the garment. Works wonders! Just don’t over spray it, haha. I have tried other methods such as taking a metal and gliding it along the inside or giving the piece a good shake. Nothing works quite as well as the water spray.

Daniel Rainn Dress, Lucky Brand Emmie Flats, Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise (similar), Coach Sunglasses (old)

Have a wonderful week ahead guys!

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23 thoughts on “Royal Blue Shift Dress”

  1. This is a gorgeous dress, perfectly fits you and suits your complexion!

    Now I know why my friends in Canadian embassy is also on her holiday..

  2. This is a lovely dress!

    I always love mother/daughter time. I live close to my mom now so we get that. Normally it’s mother/daughter/daughter time, since I bring MY daughter with us sometimes.

  3. This dress is adorable! It’s so versatile, I can see myself dressing it up with heels or rocking casual with flat sandals 🙂

  4. Very lovely dress! I also have dresses that stick to my legs every time, but havent had a chance to do something about it. But then now, Im eager to try the spray water thing you said. 😀 hope it will help for me too 😀 THank you!

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