Hello everyone! Apologizes for being MIA, work and school have been keeping me super occupied. This life, school, and work balance is something I’ve got to work on. Anyone got any pointers/suggestions? I’ve heard setting up a schedule can be helpful but I’m not too sure that would work for me. I find myself setting goals of “how much to study/read” but end up extending the deadline :p

I dug out some older photos shot back in 2016. So that explains the fall leaves you are seeing, haha. It’s definitely still winter in Vancouver, with piles of snow still evident on the streets.

The photos in this post actually mark a very personal day for me. It was the day my little fur-ball, Mocha, lost his vision. Mocha was diagnosed with type I diabetes in 2016 in the month of September. He had notable lost of energy and weight, and was just not himself anymore. He lost control of his bladder and had several accidents in the house. It was just so unusual and troubling.

Upon our first visit to the vet, with the symptoms we described, the veterinarian informed us that there was a very high chance he had diabetes. She confirmed it after conducting a few tests and pre-warned us that his vision was likely to vanish suddenly.

Now, I’ve always had the feeling that Mocha’s vision wasn’t the best. I’ve caught him run up to random strangers thinking it was someone from his family. Basically, anyone with long hair was me :p But anyways, the veterinarian was right and I knew exactly the day he lost his vision completely: October 22, 2016.

We were out strolling around Yaletown on the weekend and I could sense how disoriented he was. He no longer knew where to look when I called his name, often simply looking straight up. It was very heartbreaking when I realized what had happened, but to my surprise, Mocha has now adapted very well. He uses his other senses much more and has found ways to cope. His nose is like a walking stick where he sticks his head out further to feel whether there are structures/steps in front of him. He still runs around on the lawn and chases anything I throw (well more like slide so he can hear it).

So, that’s the thing about life. Things are always going to happen, whether good or bad, and you’re just going to have to deal with it the best you can. I think its amazing how well Mocha has adjusted and is definitely something I’m going to try to learn from him.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll

20 thoughts on “My Little Fur-ball”

  1. What a cute little puppy! I’m so sorry to hear that he’s lost his vision. The quote from Charles Swindoll above is certainly appropriate; its also one that I try to keep in mind.

  2. So sorry to hear about your puppy’s vision. You have such a fantastic attitude and outlook though, and Mocha is very lucky to have you! Wishing you a great 2017.

  3. He’s so precious. I’m sorry that happened to him. But look how happy he still is! We all have something to learn from little Mocha.

  4. Sorry to hear about the condition of your adorable fur baby! It’s really tough when our pets experience something like this. I’m sure he’ll be well taken care of because he has you.

  5. I like the quote, I also happen to be struggling, with the work, life, blogging balance bit so if you get a remedy, please share! So sorry to hear about your pup! I love the photos, you look amazing!

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