I have always adored the olive green shade, finding it very sophisticated and modern. When I saw this trench coat online, I knew I had to order one for myself. It’s the perfect olive shade in a classic trench coat design. The first thing I look for in a coat is a defined collar. I feel it adds a finishing touch to the garment, just like the saying of “icing on a cake”. 

  Olive Green Trench Coat

I wore a knitted, greyer shade of green turtle neck to complement this coat. The flu-season has been getting the better of me and keeping warm is definitely priority.

Although a cloudy day, the sky was a beautiful sight today. Caught a glimpse of the sun setting, which is always a sight I adore.

4 thoughts on “Olive Green Coat and Turtle Neck”

  1. Love that coat! Style and color! I usually stick to basic colors like black/brown/beige when it comes to outer wear but I would totally rock this olive green!

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