There’s something about 2017 that feels different to me. I’m not sure if it’s all the horoscope I’ve been reading or the predictions by the Chinese zodiac that my mom keeps telling me about. I’m feeling very optimistic this year and I can’t quite pinpoint why. In one of my recent Instagram posts (here), I stated that my mantra this year was going to be: to show people my dreams, not tell them. I think this is very powerful as actions are definitely louder than words.

The outfit worn in today’s post is one of my favourites. The first time I wore it to work, I was told by a fellow coworker that I looked very “zen”, haha! Both the cardigan and trousers were purchased from the Oak and Fort warehouse sale in Vancouver last year.

This is a very simple, minimalistic look that works great for any occasion. It has a classy touch that isn’t too fancy. From work wear to brunch with the ladies, I think this is a very versatile look.

These scenic shots were taken by Olympic Village. For those who don’t know, olympic villages are built to accommodate athletes and their trainers/ coaches during the games. Vancouver hosted the Olympics in 2010, hence the creation of this village.

Don’t mind me, just doing some future forecasting while gazing at this fortune ball, aka Science World. Haha, jokes :p

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