Black, white, and nude make quite the sophisticated combination when put together. They are very beautiful bold colours that look just as good together as they do alone. This body con dress is one of my absolute favourites to wear to the office. It’s made of 82% rayon, which is a very warm, soft, and breathable material. I’m especially loving the quarter length sleeve on this dress since I tend to roll them up at work anyways. It’s a win win, haha.

These Naomi suede heels that I got from Naturalizer on Black Friday pairs perfectly with this dress. They’re super comfortable and have a thicker heel, making them great for longer wear. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a pair of comfy new pumps. They retail for different prices depending on the colour and material but definitely check out their outlet store.

Premise Dress (TJ Maxx), Kate Spade Purse, Naturalizer Heels

What kind of work wear do you sport?

21 thoughts on “Stripes of Black, White, and Nude”

  1. I like the big stripes on this dress. The length is perfect for me and professional enough for work. I also like the shoes. I have never walked into Naturalizer before.

  2. I love the colors in this dress. They work with just about any season. I can also see from your photos that this dress would look good on a lot of different people.

  3. You are beautiful and your dress is pretty! I like work wear that are comfortable plus can go easy with other work wear pieces.

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