3 days left in 2016 guys! My week off has been relaxing: full of later morning starts, cuddles with the pup, and quality time with people I love. Great way to end the year if you ask me. Are you all ready for new year festivities?

This denim sweater jacket is one of my favourite purchases from American Eagle. I believe it’s one of their top sellers as I do see it worn by many other people. It’s such a casual comfortable outerwear!

AE Jacket, Keds, Calvin Klein Leggings

I love this little one. 2016 has been a tough one on him but he’s stayed strong. Mocha was diagnosed with diabetes and has completely lost his vision. It was heart wrenching for my family and I but I can say that things are much better now. With love, patience, and care, Mocha has adapted to these changes and is quite happy. Most people can’t even tell he’s blind. It’s quite amazing how dogs are able to strengthen their other senses in accommodation to the loss of one.

Mocha: “Are you coming or what?!” Haha


How was 2016 to you?

22 thoughts on “Denim Jacket and Keds”

  1. I love the denim jacket. It definitely suits you. Wishing you and Mocha a blessed 2017! Animals can teach us so much about the world, and ourselves.

  2. I really like your outfit and your adorable dog. Poor l Mocha, sorry to hear about his disease. The denim jacket is so trendy.I like how the sleeves have sweater sleeves. The color of the Keds will go with just about any color clothing.

  3. 2016 was such a ride! Your outfit is a def classic. Denim is always in style and you can never go wrong with a comfy pair of keds

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