Oh hey, today marks the first day of winter. It sure doesn’t feel like it here in Vancouver. It’s been exceptionally cold and icy over the last month. From slipping and falling on black ice to near frostbitten fingers and toes, I’m sure many Vancouverites want to forget this experience. Let’s go back to our familiar rainy winters, where all we grumble about is the never ending rain. Snowfall is beautiful and a sight I adore until I have to emerge myself into it, haha. 

Babaton Oskar Parka

Today’s outfit post features one of my favourite and most worn jacket this winter. These photos were actually taken before Vancouver became winter wonderland. I purchased this parka last year from Aritzia during their winter sale. I was in search of a jacket that was both warm yet formal enough to wear to work.   

Toque or beanie? I’m sure this is a debate everyone has come across at one point in their life. From what I’ve heard, beanies are fitted and warmer while toques tend to be looser with the ends flopping downwards. With that definition, I suppose what I’m wearing is a toque? Haha, what do you call these knitted/woollen hats?

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6 thoughts on “Toque or Beanie?”

  1. I just assumed that they are all called beanies. I like the style of what you’re wearing though. It looks nice and a little more feminine.

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