Whoa, I can’t believe the last month of 2016 is here already. This year has sure been an interesting one for me in terms of personal development. I got to explore who I was as a person, partake in challenges I would have never done so in the past, and embark of memorable adventures. I also got to met plenty of wonderful people, gotten closer with a few, and just simply learnt to surround myself with people who matter. It’s true what they say about life being short, so always remember to make every moment count.


The creation of this blog is one of my proudest achievements this year. Growing up, I have always loved posing for photos, always bearing a smile on my face when a camera was present. I’ve seen videos of me as a toddler, tilting my head from side to side with a smile so big, it looked like I was bribed to smile with candy. What a silly dork I was (not that I’m not one now, haha).


American Eagle Cardigan, Dynamite Romper, Michael Kors Clutch, G. H. Bass & Co. Boots


This outfit is one of my go-to’s for work. This romper from Dynamite is very versatile in terms of it being suitable for both warmer and cooler weather. A simple pair of fleece lined leggings and you’re all set! I’ve heard predictions of snow in Vancouver next week, the cold came early this year! Is there snow where you’re at?

10 thoughts on “Hello December!”

  1. We are just getting to wear long pants in the evening and early morning. It’s been warm here until the last few days and everyone was still in shorts, sandals, and tanktops.

  2. I love that you’re enjoying blogging, it’s definitely rewarding and it’s a great outlet for your thoughts, hobbies, and feelings! I love this outfit, it looks great on you plus it looks super comfy!

  3. Blogging is such a wonderful activity and it is definitely a proudest achievement to cheer. You look great in that costume and the Michael Kors Clutch is something I would love to grab right away!

  4. I’ve grown a lot during this year too. I swear this year has been a game changer.
    I really love your boots, I’m pretty much obsessed with them actually. 😀

  5. Love the romper. I dont do well with snow and fortunately we havent had any predictions for a white Christmas this side of the pond aka Queenie’s land 🙂

    Dod I hear fleece leggings? OKay I want one lik please..they better deliver to UK 🙂

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