As a young professional, I cherish pieces that have a youthful yet sophisticated look. For me, the skater style dress is one that portrays this persona. It is a design that usually has a simpler top while the bottom portion is a little more playful. As a kid, I have always leaned towards the girly side. Growing up, I would refuse to wear pants so all my childhood attire were dresses. In particular, dresses that flared out when I jumped around were my favourite.


In today’s outfit, I am in love with the simplistic outlines that frame and provide definition to this dress. I paired it with a cardigan of similar finish and absolutely love how they complement each other.


These photos were taken at my elementary school. Boy oh boy has time flown. I remember walking into my elementary school in the past year and thinking how small the hallways looked. I guess its not the school itself that changed but me whose grown.


I hope you all have a Happy Monday and a fantastic week ahead!

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