Good morning! I can’t believe it’s the last week in October already. It’s time for soul-warming hot chocolates and soft knit wear. Sweater dresses are an absolute yes to me, especially paired with leggings or knee-high knit socks.


This sweater dress (or rather t-shirt dress?) was found at Winners. I picked it up during my lunch break at work and was super happy with my find.


Mockberg Watch (Elsa)

It paired really nicely with my watch from Mockberg, a gorgeous watch company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I was really excited to come across this company as finding wrist jewelry that fits has always been problematic for me. My wrists are smaller than average, having a circumference of 5.5 inches, whereas the average woman’s wrist is 7 inches. I’ve always liked watches with a large face so was very delighted to find a pair that fits!


Acemi Dress

The bottom part of this dress is my favourite as it flares out into a perfect circle. This dress makes me want to break out my dance moves.. haha.. when no one is around, that is.


Are you a fan of sweater dresses?

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