Maybe we should all be a little more like raindrops, unafraid of falling.

Yaletown Vancouver is a top destination for both tourists and locals. It’s full of must-dine at restaurants, gorgeous parks, and unique boutique shops. Even on a rainy day, you’ll see people strolling around town. Today was rainy and windy, with storm warnings and yet I saw many pedestrians filling the sidewalk. From joggers to cyclists, a little weather warning does not seem to keep people indoors.


Shein Jacket, Dynamite Top

Todays outfit follows the classic black and white theme. Well, mostly all black and a little white. The detailing on this jacket is very simple; classy yet edgy.


I saw this cute little red scooter parked on Mainland street in Yaletown. Mainland street is very modern and full of great cafes and restaurants.


You can see a bit of the Mainland strip in this shot here.


Skies started to clear up towards noon, but when in Vancouver, never leave the house without an umbrella.

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