Going to dedicate my first blog post to one of my favourite places in the lower mainland. Burnaby Mountain is absolutely gorgeous in the evening, especially during sunset hours. Just take a look at this stunning, postcard worthy shot!


I spent the evening up here with a friend, munching on some take-out Mexican food. Had the radio on and just chit-chatted the night away. If you plan on visiting Burnaby Mountain in the evening, do wear long sleeve clothing or bring bug repellent. Trust me, the mosquitoes up here are massive!


This shot got photobombed by a bear.. doing his business? Haha, I didn’t even realize it was there until I uploaded the photo onto my computer. In addition to being a beautiful lookout point over Vancouver, there are structural art work found on this mountain. I’ve also been told that if you’re lucky (or some may say unlucky), there is a chance you may catch a glimpse of wildlife!

4 thoughts on “Burnaby Mountain”

  1. That last shot-that’s amazing! I thought it was a statue or something! The next time I’m up, you and I need to go on a hike.

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